Fun for all generations

Battle archery

Battle archery is a game played with bows and arrows. One shoots at targets – not only fixed ones but also live moving targets … The arrows are, naturally, furnished with a spongy tip and the hit is almost painless 🙂

The playing field for this dynamic and fun game consists of inflated obstacles arranged in two fields, similar to the well-known children’s game of dodgeball. Protective equipment includes a protective mask and a hand and fist shield. In addition to aiming at members of the opposing team, points can be earned by shooting targets set in the middle between the two terrains. Similar to dodgeball, where the expelled player from a team can return to the game by catching the ball, in battle archery this can also be achieved by catching the arrow. Sounds futile? The most interesting moves, jump in advance, backward, rolling, bending, twisting are made precisely in the attempts to catch the arrow and save the fallen teammate – and many end up successful. Each game is timed and the team that has won the most points wins.