Fun for all generations


Paintball is a team game familiar to many from personal experience or legends circling in these parts. However, for those who are yet to become paintball fans,  there are several basic rules:

  • The mask is OBLIGATORY protective gear
  • The only permissible  instrument of attack is a marker that shoots paint-filled balls (using bottles filled with CO2 or air)
  • Defense includes running fast, avoiding balls Matrix-style or hiding behind an obstacle (whereby, if you do this too long, it becomes infamous and frowned-upon “camping”). In paintball you will see that in the end the old saying  that ‘ attack is the best defense’ applies best. And it’s also the most entertaining option;)
  • A hit with a paintball ball should be admitted,  because even if you keep quiet, the color you will scream (and not just the color, if the hit was sufficiently sharp)
  • Neither snow, nor ice, minus nor plus can preclude one from playing – only a planned rain is not welcome
  • Players who are 15 and up can play, what is important is that there are at least 6.

You can play on one of the fields in Karanac (bigger natural bushy field and smaller field with artificial obstacles), in Osijek on the field in Pampas,  or on the famous urban course of a former faulty of Agriculture in Tenja. In addition, if you have a fitting terrain of your own, we can prepare a course with our inflatable obstacles.