Fun for all generations

Olympics of old sports

The Old Sports Olympics includes many fun games, none of which was probably ever an Olympic sport, except in Brođanci:)

  • Horseshoe Throw: For many the most fun of all games, surely the one that most participant often score lowest at – the goal of this game is to manage to get the horse to land around a protruding stick (with numerous variations, group throws, shouts)
  • Snail Bowling: A bowling alley where the ball is hanging and the goal is to swing the it so that it knocks over as many pins as possible, the highest scoring one being, of course, the queen, surrounded by eight pawns
  • (Horseless) ‘Alka’ : The goal of this famous Croatian folk game is to hit the “alka” a specially-formed round hanging target) while running (the speed of movement, which should be approximately equal to the speed of a horse, makes this an additional aggravating condition)
  • Bag race: Each competitor needs to get in a bag and win the race by jumping their way to the finish line We should emphasize that it is important to participate, but even more important to keep your nose intact
  • Rope pulling: a game in which 2 teams literally measure strenght in an attempt to pull the mark from the middle of the rope over the set boundary (many have assured us that one should also have good tactics, but so far we we are not convinced)

By agreement, the Olympic winners can win cups, medals, bottles of wine and/ or other prizes.